Marketing :

A strong Patent is vital to support a relationship with a company already registered with the FDA and able to market this device along with an effective formulation of active volatile substances.   The inhalation device will initially be targeted to the athletic performance market as this should not classify the invention as a Medical Device.   Without medical claims but promotion for sporting enhancement will allow for airmail shipping to a worldwide market will be possible.   Components have been identified and sourced in Mainland China and evaluated through a number of prototypes. Kits can be assembled and shipped via worldwide airmail and it may be possible to include as essential oils that have a flash point below international standards for airmail delivery.  But at this time we can not obtain reasonable shipping costs.   We are planning for a crowd  funding program either for the nasal inhaler band with or the active substances which can be obtained through most drug stores.   A minimum production of 3,000 units is necessary to be cost effective.  Samples will be available for qualified researchers to permit comparative evaluations with regard to athletic performance.   It is obvious that the largest market for this device is as an over the counter treatment to help COPD patients dealing with air hunger. This invention was conceived and utilized by my then 95 year old father in law who passed away at 99 this year.  His blood oxygen levels were normal and time release morphine tablets proved unable to relieve periodic episodes of dyspnea as well as inhaling menthol and cineole vapors..


“Dyspnea is a common and often debilitating symptom that affects up to 50% of patients admitted to acute, tertiary care hospitals and a quarter of patients seeking care in ambulatory settings”

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