Frequently Asked Questions

Airmail of each inhaler band without liquid allows for worldwide shipping of approximately $2.00.  Sending individual airmail letters/pkgs also prevents loss of any large value shipment.  Shipping in large quantities may be arranged on individual orders.

Most drug stores and Walmart carry concentrated essential mint oil (30 to 50% Menthol) and Eucalyptol Oil (60 to 80% 1.8 Cineole).  Prices in store are about the same as it would cost us to ship as flammable liquid!

Each drop of essential oil will weigh approximately 50mg.  Assuming 50% is a volatile stimulant 3 drops would provide 75mg for inhalation over time.  One or more drops can be added as the active substances evaporate.

Keeping impregnated band in a small zip lock bag and kept out of direct sun and elevated heat will dramatically slow down evaporation of the volatile substances.  A bag will be provided with the sporthaler but any common ziplock bag can be used.

Children under 10 years of age could have breathing difficulty when exposed to menthol. Medical guidance is to keep away from under 4 yrs.   However, for adults the FDA permits the inhalation of vapors produced from adding 10,000 mg of menthol crystals to one liter of hot water.  In comparison the inhaler band with six drops of liquid only contains 150 mg of volatile substances.