We never thing about breathing until it is all we think about !

Air Hunger or Breathlessness is often present even after all appropriate treatments have been provided to treat the underlying disease or physical limitations in the respiratory system. 
  For those not needing a competitive edge but need to achieve more mobility and relief from the fear of episodes of breathlessness.   Numerous research papers have shown that inhaling Menthol and/or Eucalyptus Oil (1,8 cineole) into nasal passages can relieve dyspnea (air hunger).    A tissue or cloth with several drops of liquid menthol/cineole could be held under the nose for inhalation but this is awkward to say the least.   The same design used in our SportHaler is able provide vapors to help an end user to reduce the sensation of breathlessness..   We are not approved by FDA to manufacture and sell any “medications” but almost all local drug stores will have essential oils available.   You would want 100 percent Mint oil (should have 30% Menthol) or Eucalyptol (should have 60 to 80% 1,8 cineole)   Mentholated gels rubs like Vicks only have between 1% and 2% so gels do not provide sufficient stimulation.!   The high concentrations of Menthol and / or 1,8 Cineole must be kept from contact with facial skin and never near eyes.   IF any on your hands wash with soap and water.    The concentrated volatile essential oils are only for inhalation, never taken by mouth AND kept away from young childrent.  

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