Canadian Inventor Philip Cressman to introduce innovative nasal inhalation device to improve athletic endurance and performance

Canadian Inventor Philip Cressman to introduce innovative nasal inhalation device to improve athletic endurance and performance

Sports Haler is a patent-pending innovative nasal inhalation device which has been developed to scale up athletic performance through stimulation of nasal TRPM-8 receptors.

October 22, 2021: Menthol supplements have long been a favorite of cyclists and athletes given their ability to improve endurance and performance. Similarly, inhalation of menthol or other volatile stimulants has shown visible improvement in energy output. Banking on such inspiring results, a Canadian inventor, Philip Cressman, has developed a patent-pending nasal inhalation device that is intelligently designed to improve endurance, strength and speed in cycling, running and most field sports. Titled “Sports Haler”, the device comes with a simple mechanism and can be used by anybody.

“Independent research studies and reviews have reported that inhalation of menthol or eucalyptol during athletic activities work wonders to enhance speed, strength, endurance, concentration as well as the overall performance. Besides, akin to caffeine, menthol also works to pique the dopamine level as well. In that light, we have developed a smart delivery device that is intelligently designed to provide an effective amount of vapor for nasal inhalation which will eventually help to scale up your endurance and athletic performance”, stated Mr. Cressman while introducing Sports Haler.

Sports Haler is comprised of 4 parts –

  • A pair of adjustable and strong elastic ear loops
  • Base layer of flexible and soft foam band which is impermeable to volatile substances
  • A top layer made with highly absorbent material (thinner than base layer)
  • Two custom reusable clips that will help to securely hold all the components and allow replacement of parts, when needed

With Sports Haler, users would need just 2-3 drops of concentrated menthol or eucalyptus to experience 3-4 hours of stimulation.

While asked how menthol or eucalyptus inhalation enhances performance, Mr. Cressman stressed on stimulation of nasal TRPM-8 receptors. Per his statements, inhalation of menthol or such volatile substances stimulates the nasal TRPM-8 receptors which then send signals to the cerebral cortex via trigeminal nerves. The process leads to the sensation of improved air flow which eventually leads to higher speed, energy, endurance, and performance.

The concentration of TRPM-8 receptors that are located in the nasal passages react differently than receptors in the mouth. Thus, for longer and more effective results, it’s always a smarter move to ‘inhale’ the vapor directly through the nose rather than consuming concentrated menthol through the mouth.

“Our Sports Haler is strategically designed to present TRPM-8 stimulants directly to the upper airway.  It will sit comfortably under your nose, secured with elastic straps.”

Speaking on, Mr. Cressman assured that wearing of Sports Haler will never disturb breathing or other functions like talking, eating, or other physical activities.

As of now, Mr. Cressman is looking forward to launching a crowdfunding project for Sports Haler on Indiegogo.

“We have plans to launch Sports Haler on Indiegogo very soon and we are also looking forward to providing a number of prototype models of Sports Haler to interested researchers.”

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